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Houston's Official Organizing for Bernie (January 12th House Party)

Organizing for Bernie Live Stream and Q&A hosted by People for Bernie, Sema for Texas and Viva Bernie!

Host: Sema Hernandez Hernandez
Axlerad Beer Garden (Houston, TX)
1517 Alabama St
Houston, TX 77004

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  • Michael R.: Bernie is our Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Ryan B.: no comment
  • Deidre S.: no comment
  • Trysha Y.: no comment
  • Delores F.: no comment
  • Susan B.: no comment
  • Suzanna S.: Bernie NO beto
  • Carlos C.: no comment
  • Jose V.: We know that progressive policies are populist. Bernie Sanders has dedicated his life to fighting for working and middle class Americans. His message has been and remains consistent, and he must run in 2020.
  • Harleen K.: no comment
  • Daer K.: no comment
  • Esteban V.: no comment
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  • Damian A.: Let's organize , mobilize , socialize and energize to build a movement to a prosper future.