The Details

Our Revolution Prince George's County (ORPG) Maryland 'Organizing for Bernie' Livestream Watch Party (January 12th House Party)

A gathering in support of Bernie 2020!

Host: Paul Butterworth
Contact Phone: 2408931417
New Deal Cafe (Greenbelt, MD)
113 Centerway
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Directions: The Cafe is in the heart of Old Greenbelt. There's a lot of adjacent parking.

Other Signups

50 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 70 attendees.

  • HENRY B.: no comment
  • CHRISTOPHER B.: no comment
  • Heidi H.: Thanks for organizing this. (My 8-year-old will be coming with me).
  • PALLAS B.: I'm excited to see what's happening!
  • Rob Z.: no comment
  • JOHN M.: no comment
  • LIN L.: no comment
  • Brenda A.: no comment
  • Sonia H.: I am a podcast producer with previous work at Vox Media and Voice of America. I am interested in doing more politically progressive programs to propagate innovative ideas that inspire people to be active in society. Active means at the voting booth, makin
  • Jim M.: no comment
  • Baja P.: I’m interested in creating info graphics to help ppl my age and new voters understand their options. I’m an SpEd educator however i am a freelance artist
  • Claudia Q.: Will attend if weather permits
  • Roger M.: no comment
  • Ben S.: no comment
  • Bianca M.: no comment
  • Alex S.: Hey, I'm a reporter covering 2020 for NBC Digital -- hope it's cool if I crash this! Not even sure if I'll do a story, just want to talk to some folks about Bernie and get a sense of how people are feeling about him. Thanks! Alex Seitz-Wald Politica
  • Mark S.: no comment
  • Don B.: no comment
  • Mary G.: no comment
  • Steve R.: Will attend if weather permits.
  • Tricia K.: no comment
  • John S.: no comment
  • Matt H.: Looking forward to seeing you there.
  • User from 20854: no comment
  • Michael K.: no comment
  • KATHIE F.: no comment
  • Mart Ann C.: no comment
  • Tarik E.: no comment
  • Barbara G.: no comment
  • JAVIEN D.: no comment
  • Will H.: no comment
  • User from 20814: no comment
  • KATE M.: Thanks for hosting, NDC and Paul! We'll be there. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
  • Jaden F.: no comment
  • User from 20008: I need more details, please
  • Paul B.: no comment