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Our Revolution East Bay, Contra Costa and Local Grassroots House Party for Bernie 2020 Organizers (January 12th House Party)

Let's meet in Berkeley to get started organizing for Bernie. Join local Our Revolution grassroots group members to learn more about the Bernie 2020 organizing team plans!

Our Revolution East Bay:

Our Revolution Contra Costa:


Our Revolution San Leandro:

formerly Kacey's house party for Bernie 2020:

Host: Kacey Carpenter
Contact Phone: 4082197439
NextSpace (Berkeley, CA)
2081 Center St
Berkeley, CA 94706

Other Signups

62 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 75 attendees.

  • MARIA C.: I hope it is not too late and I can attend at least part of the meeting. Thank you
  • JOAN L.: no comment
  • Jacqueline P.: no comment
  • Nate D.: no comment
  • charles B.: no comment
  • SUSAN H.: Go Bernie 2020!
  • Wietske M.: Hi Kacey, initially I wasn’t sure if I could come, but I may be able to make it anyway. Is it ok I bring my 9 year old daughter? Wietske (310 480 5204)
  • Kacey C.: no comment
  • CHERI J.: no comment
  • Tom R.: no comment
  • Katy R.: Thanks for hosting Kacey
  • Kate F.: no comment
  • Gordon M.: May be somewhat late.
  • Ena S.: no comment
  • Stephanie Q.: no comment
  • Rebecca P.: no comment
  • Yvette S.: no comment
  • Spencer V.: no comment
  • B. Andrew Anthony K.: All in
  • John J.: Hi Carol and Candace, See you to set up.
  • Canaan P.: Beto is a faker, but he is the biggest threat to Bernie. Our champion must announce soon!
  • Felicia S.: no comment
  • Luci R.: no comment
  • DANNY K.: no comment
  • Jay Q.: no comment
  • Michael R.: no comment
  • MARILYN C.: Highly recommend reading Michael Lewis's book, The Fifth Risk, about the traditional transitioning from one administration to another. Using the shutdown as a example, Bernie will need all the help he can get to restaff, repurpose, retool the govt. This m
  • Cynthia P.: no comment
  • LORRI F.: no comment
  • Nelsy B.: no comment
  • Micaela P.: no comment
  • Bobbi L.: AD-15 delegate as well!
  • Alison F.: no comment
  • Dawn D.: no comment
  • Susana W.: no comment
  • Karen M.: no comment
  • Andrew D.: no comment
  • Melissa S.: no comment
  • Michael Y.: We were planning to host an event as well (and still will if anyone signs up, but no bites so far). If we don't have sign ups for our event, we'll attend this one.
  • Craig W.: no comment
  • Jeromey S.: Let's organize to sweep all of cd13 for Bernie.
  • Myron R.: no comment
  • Steven B.: no comment
  • CAROL C.: Run, Bernie, Run!!! Come out everyone - Let's do it this time..
  • Donald F. S.: If Bernie does not get the DP nomination, I definitely see a write-in movement nationwide. It's time to start researching this in your state. You can find the rules for a Presidential write-in candidate at your Secretary of State's website. The first thin
  • BRIAN J.: I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a revolution!!!
  • Damon G.: no comment
  • Sharon M.: no comment
  • Neil P.: no comment
  • Lisa A.: I may be a little late, glad to be a part of this and thanks for hosting.
  • Luke T.: Hey Kacey - thanks for hosting!
  • IDA M.: no comment
  • Tamara G.: no comment
  • Karen p.: no comment
  • User from 94705-1830: Happy New Year. Let’s Go!
  • Garrett N.: I imagine what the world would be like waking up and it being Bernie's first day as president. I want to do everything I can to help this become a reality!!
  • KEVIN C.: no comment
  • T.M. S.: So glad Chuck Weaver is out of the campaign's driver's seat!