The Details

New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) Bernie Viewing Party (January 12th House Party)

We're meeting at Yonkers Brewing Company to re-ignite the Bern among our statewide forces of 35 chapters and thousands of members!

Host: stephen carpineta
Yonkers Brewing Company (Yonkers, NY)
92 Main St
Yonkers, NY 10701

Other Signups

45 people have signed up to attend this event

  • Monika K.: Reunion!!!
  • David W.: no comment
  • Bill V.: no comment
  • Diane T.: Run, Bernie, Run #FeeltheBern
  • Sadat R.: no comment
  • Winnie W.: no comment
  • London R.: no comment
  • David W.: Ralph Nader for United States Secretary of the Interior!
  • Patricia F.: We need a Bernie movement now more than ever.
  • Diana F.: Coming from the NE Bronx unless I find a closer venue - there's one on City Island but that's a ways from me too. Excited!
  • Patrick N.: no comment
  • Lorraine M.: count me in!
  • Nancy d.: no comment
  • Emily A.: no comment
  • Sue A.: no comment
  • Kelleigh M.: no comment
  • Steven C.: no comment
  • Jay B.: no comment
  • George A.: We have some unfinished business from 2 years ago to take care of, and it starts this Saturday.
  • Holly C.: Coming from work so might be little late, but didn't want to miss this event!
  • Roselynn A.: no comment
  • Jeannie R.: no comment
  • Liz: no comment
  • Michelle S.: no comment
  • George D.: no comment
  • Linda L.: Linda Lefkowitz and possibly my husband Irwin Lefkowitz. Excited to be with the Bernie people again.
  • Jerry R.: Have been looking forward to this moment for more than 2 years!
  • Cari G.: Here we go!
  • Lewis G.: Run Bernie Run!
  • Jennifer A.: no comment
  • Dan L.: no comment
  • Brian H.: no comment
  • KALINDI B.: no comment
  • Debbie V.: I’m ready to fuel the Bern! I live in Manhattan but lived in Yonkers for 5 years and am happy to get people to rally.
  • Mary F.: no comment
  • Nestor M.: no comment